Level, Volume & Flow Measurement

Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd (UK) is an experts in manufacture level, volume, open channel flow, pipe flow, sludge interface measurement & pump control instrumentation. Pulsar Sensors & Controllers Level & Volume Pulsar has variety of level & volume sensor which manufacture according to specific condition &needs.– Ultrasonic Stand-Alone Level / Volume Devices– Ultrasonic Level / […]

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Infill & Louver Sprinkler Head Motor Fan & Blade Float Valve

Pressure/Temperature/ Sanitary, Valve & Accessories, Gauge & Transmitter

Magnetic Flowmeter StabiliZR Series Pressure Gauge*No liquid, No leaks, No discoloration *Can be used at higher temperatures than glycerin filled gaugesn Economy Gauge P9S-90 Series Sanitary Gauges for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage PAM Ammonia Presure Gauge SS316 Pressure Gauge with Electrical Contact Mining Pressure Gauge Refrigeration Gauge Lead Free Thermometer Claim-on Thermometer Food & Beverage […]