Magnetic Flowmeter

StabiliZR Series Pressure Gauge
*No liquid, No leaks, No discoloration
*Can be used at higher temperatures than glycerin filled gaugesn

Economy Gauge P9S-90 Series

Sanitary Gauges for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage

PAM Ammonia Presure Gauge

SS316 Pressure Gauge with Electrical Contact

Mining Pressure Gauge

Refrigeration Gauge

Lead Free Thermometer

Claim-on Thermometer

Food & Beverage BI Thermometer

General, Aggressive, Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter

Anti-Clogging Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Industrial Pressure Switch

Valve & Accessories

Needle Valve

Double Bock & Bleed Valve

Diaphragm Sealn

Low Pressure Water & Gas Test Kit

PGTK Gas Line Test Kit

Isolating Ring