Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd (UK) is an experts in manufacture level, volume, open channel flow, pipe flow, sludge interface measurement & pump control instrumentation.


Pulsar Sensors & Controllers

Level & Volume

Pulsar has variety of level & volume sensor which manufacture according to specific condition &
– Ultrasonic Stand-Alone Level / Volume Devices
– Ultrasonic Level / Volume Control
– CSO Level Monitoring
– Differential Measurement
– Radar Level / Volume Control
– Pressure Level / Volume Control
– Sludge Blanket Level Measurement


0 – 2.425 m range
ATEX Zone 1 & 2 standard
ATEX Zone 0 optional
Requires a Pulsar controller


dB Transducer Series
0.125 – 50m range
ATEX Zone 1 & 2 standard
ATEX Zone 0 optional
Requires a Pulsar controller


Blackbox 130
2 relays
1x 4-20mA output
Requires a Pulsar transducer


IMP Lite
0.2 – 10m range
2 wire standard/4-20mA loop powered
Np relays

IMP Controlling Screen Height

IMP Controlling Gate Height

IMP Monitoring in a CSO Chamber


Our ultrasonic flow meters are perfect for wastewater applications, they present non-invasive flow meters that measure and determine velocity of fluid in a pipe. Non-contacting velocity measurement is also available for use in open channel flow for velocity x area measurement.
– Open Channel Flow Measurement
– Non-Contacting Velocity x Area Measurement (no Primary Measuring Device)
– Contacting Velocity x Area Measurement (no Primary Measuring Device)
– OCM with a Primary Measuring Device
– MCERTS Certified Systems
– Liquid Flow in Pipes
– Solid Flow Monitoring / Process Protection

Open Channel Flow Measurement

0.2 – 6 m/s
ATEX Zone 0 (Ex ia approval)
4-20mA loop powered

0 – 2.425 m range
ATEX Zone 1 & 2 standard
ATEX Zone 0 optional
Requires a Pulsar controller

Flow Pulse
0.3 – 10m/s
IP68 potted version available with integral cable

Flow Pulse Handheld Controller
Portable device
Battery powered
Requires a Flow Pulse sensor

Contacting Velocity x Area Flow Measurement / No Primary Measuring Device (Flume or Weir)

-6m/s to +6m/s
Requires a Pulsar controller

Velocity Interface
2 relays
1x 4-20mA output
Requires a velocity sensor

5 relays
2x 4-20mA outputs
Requires a Pulsar transducer

8 relays standard (expandable)
2x 4-20mA outputs standard (expandable)

Sludge Interface Measurement

Sludge blanket level measurement is the technique of measuring the boundary between two material densities e.g. water and a slightly higher density sludge.

Sludge Blanket Level Detector

Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2 is a controller and transducer system that provides reliable continuous sludge blanket level measurement. It is used in thousands of applications worldwide for detecting sludge blanket levels in primary, secondary, tertiary settlement tanks either with stationary or travelling bridges, clarifiers, gravity thickeners or sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems.

Radio Telemetry System

Pulsar’s Radio Telemetry System is available as either a stand-alone transmitter or fitted internally into a Sludge Finder 2 controller. It transmits the information from up to two 4-20mA output signals and two relays to a matched receiver unit. Units are paired so an unlimited number of pairs can be used in the same location and transmission security is assured by ‘frequency hopping’ and a visual signal strength indicator.

The Viper sludge transducer submerged and using sonar technology, detecting the sludge density.

Pump Control

Pulsar’s pump controllers offer a variety of control routines depending on the level of pump automation and management you require. Ranging from simple pump control routines such as duty assist and duty back-up to more advanced routines such as pump efficiency, predictive maintenance and pump reversing.

Quantum 3
dB series
Flow Pulse
*Advance Pump Control

Ultimate Controller
dB series
Flow Pulse