COD 254 nmnRange: Various from 0-200 mg/L to 0-20,000 mg/L
Method: Continuous measurement, differential 254 nm absorption versus reference wave length

Desinfectant (Food & Beverage)

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer
  • Peracetic Acid Analyzer
  • Ozone Analyzer
  • Chlorine Analyzer, High range, 0-200ppm
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Process and plant engineers responsible for maintaining sanitary product, process and equipment environments will find the new panel mounted PA80 Peracetic Acid Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) simplifies process monitoring to ensure disinfection without the need for potentially harmful disinfection by products (DPBs).

SMS-22 Sulfide Ion Analyzer

  • Compact all in one measurement system
  • ISE based Sulfide Ion Measurement
  • pH adjusted and compensated measurement
  • Sample neutralized after measurement
  • Automated sequential sampling
  • Low reagent consumption

Hazardous Location Transmitter u2013 Model X80 Series

  • Non-intrusive calibration — no need open the enclosure or de-classify area
  • 4-20 mA output with MODBUS RTU and Alarm Relays: Flexible configurations for all applications
  • HART® communication
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations — Pipe or Wall Mount
  • Explosion-proof / Exd & FM and ATEX Approvals pending

Boiler Auto-Blowdown Controller

  • Includes a sludge trap for easy removal of sludge
  • Sample conditioner reduces the pressure and temperature prior to conductivity measurement
  • Two-wire transmitter or controller option
  • Provides local display of conductivity and 4-20 mA output
  • High and Low Alarms provide increased operational safety
  • Optional conductivity data recorder

Steam Sterilizable Products

  • Autoclavable or insitu sterilizable
  • Durable gel ufb01lled design
  • 4 Insertion Lengths
  • 3 connector styles
  • TriClamp and 25mm port ufb01ttings